Although major efforts have been made to protect so many sexually exploited children and prevent child pornography, the results have been less than favorable. It's obvious to me that as long as there is a highly profitable market for child pornography, it will continue to thrive. I've decided to wage a different kind of war against this ever escolating problem. It only makes sense, that if such a huge market for kiddie porn photos and videos did not exist, there would not be much need for the sexual exploitation of our children. After six years of intense research & investigations, I am looking for help to effectively launch an agressive campaign to successfully disrupt the monetary success of these horrific crimes.

Some people in our society view the Internet as the electronic equivalent to the skid row back alleys of the past. They see it as a place where sexually perverted predators prey on children - where international terrorists share their bomb making secrets - where pornography is readily available - and as an electronic corridor used by hackers to penetrate corporate and government computers and networks.

Meanwhile, others see the Internet as a powerful educational tool that has the potential of providing a wealth of information on just about any topic. They see electronic E-mail as the communications bridge between varied cultures and as an economical way to share information with friends and associates world wide. Which group has the right view? The truth is that both groups have valid points of view. One thing is very clear though. The Internet is here to stay and it plays an important role in government, business and international commerce. So, it's up to people like you and I to help defeat the evil threat to our children.

Computer technology and the Internet have accelerated at an alarming rate over the last ten years. Technological advancements have brought the price of powerful portable computers easily within the reach of most budgets. By way of example, the notebook computer used to write this article has more computing power than the computers that helped put the first man on the moon. According to a recent survey, a vast majority of homes in the United States now have a computer. The first cell phone with internet access was released in 1996 and due to technological advancements and easy availability to lower income consumers, today's cell phone capabilities have had a disturbing effect on younger generations.

The Internet has not completely lived up to it's original expectations, as a means for humanity to evolve through global communications, cultural and scientific awareness, elavated spirituality and intellectual development. Instead, much of the Internet is being used to degrade our intended evolution via dating sites, porn sites and adult interaction sites. The blame for the success and rapidly growing demand for Child Pornagraphy, does not lie solely on the shoulders of it's proprietors nor their young performers. The bulk of blame lies directly on the shoulders of the patrons or the paying customers of this billion dollar industry, which is by far, the most Satanic, inhumane, despicable, high profit yielding business that involves sexually exploited children as young as 5 years old. It is better known as kiddie porn and it is primarily patronized by American men from all walks of life, including husbands, fathers, executives, teachers, doctors, policemen etc. etc.