An example of how you trap the trapper
pic Meet Tiffany, this person has been in my friends list for several months and in short order, this person sent me her yahoo ID requesting that I add her or him. This person was in my list of contacts, but we never once communicated until never about an hour ago, Here is our chat:

et_quest: We're finally online at the same time

Tiffany Faris: yes
Tiffany Faris: so?

et_quest: You're in my friends list at Tagged
et_quest: I could be wrong, but I think you're a real person

Tiffany Faris: yes... do you have a cam?

et_quest: No, I don't

Tiffany Faris: i see

et_quest: but that's not my reason for contacting you

Tiffany Faris: and whats your reason?
Tiffany Faris: hmm

et_quest: I am a UFO investigator and business owner

Tiffany Faris: then?

et_quest: I have a pending deal with 500 hotels to design their websites

Tiffany Faris: i see

et_quest: would you be interested in working with me at $2,000 per week?

Tiffany Faris: what can i do?

et_quest: you would actually just assist me
et_quest: Well, if you're interested, I woiuld first want to show you the contract to first, put your mind at ease that this is a totally legit deal
et_quest: I hate typing

Tiffany Faris: i see
Tiffany Faris: let me see

et_quest: Your profile says you live in Downey, correct.

Tiffany Faris: yup

et_quest: ok, cool, I went to high school in Downey
et_quest: Here is a link to my website:
et_quest: Frank Khoury, feel free to google me

Tiffany Faris: my problem is im not in downey now
Tiffany Faris: im here now in philippines

et_quest: I see, when do you plan to return?

Tiffany Faris: i wish this week but my money is not enough to buy me a ticket
Tiffany Faris: can you fix it? if ok ??
Tiffany Faris: 60$ its a big cost for you ?

et_quest: $60.00 would not be a problem, however, I would require one thing before I send the money

Tiffany Faris: ok
Tiffany Faris: its up to you

et_quest: You would have to take a photo of yourself holding a large white sheet of paper with my name written on it with a magic marker
et_quest: easy, huh?

Tiffany Faris: easy
Tiffany Faris: but don't have cam here
Tiffany Faris: if you will not help me and trust me its its ok
Tiffany Faris: bye bye

et_quest: that's what I thought

Did you catch the first attempt at an excuse, "but I don't have cam here". What did she asked me at the start of our chat, "yes... do you have a cam?"


Let's take a closer look at Tiffany, or better yet, let's take an up close look at Tiffany's sustenance. Now keep in mind that all we know is that Tiffany had a profile displaying a photograph that could have been acquired any number of ways and could easily have been displayed by anyone in the world. The following 10 pages contain some text that may be offensive to some. You have been advised. What you are about to see is the main contributor to the entire problem at hand. I personally am disgusted with the irresponsible, moronic actions of so many husbands, fathers and grandfathers. the following are all comments made by male members at tagged about one of Tiffanny's pictures in her profile


By the way, the pic below is what all these guys are excited about!